Great grey owls and Hawk owls in winter

“Great grey owls and Hawk owls in winter”

When the population of mice in the north is low, owls are forced to go out of the shelter of boreal woods. Especially during wintertime owls can be firmly entrenched to an open spot, where they are not frightened of people.  These are the ideal circumstances, which sometimes doesn’t last for a long time. Tierra Photo Tours is in direct contact with some of the best bird watchers of Finland.  They are going to warn us as soon as the owls appear and when it’s possible to photograph them.  Most appealing to the imagination are the big Great grey owls, but also Hawk owls, Pygmy owls, Boreal owl and maybe even Snowy owl are possible!

This trip will be announced on a very short notice, dependent on the available circumstances.  Travelling will be most likely in winter, with biggest chance in the period of February-March.  There will be a minimum of 3 full days photographing.

As soon as there are 6 stand-by participants on the list, participants will be notified when there is news from Finland.  When somebody can’t join, we will contact  the next person on the list, in following order of registration.

North of Finland, in between Oulu and Kuusamo.

Maximum participants?
6 photographers

Target price?
250 euro per day (included1 overnight stay with breakfast met ontbijt, excluded flight, dinner and supper).

Waiting list?

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